Monday, March 7, 2011

Check It out!

Here are the NEW ITEMS!
We are excited to post the new products that we have! We hope you enjoy them as much as we have. They are really popular right now.
Please take a moment & look at the new products along with the pricing listed on the side bar.

First off, we want to let you all know that we have changed our actual clips. We are no longer using the "Alligator" clips. All clips are now the "Snap" clips.

Plain Black Head Band

Color Head Band
Available in Dark Brown, Grey, Light Blue, Light Brown, Navy, Pink & White

Tulle & Flower Head Band with or with out center
Centers May Vary
Available in Black, Brown, Cream, Maroon/Burgundy, Red & White
Lace Flower Clip
Centers May Vary

Peony Ribbon
Can be put onto a clip or permanently attached to a head band
Available in Blue, Brown, Cream, Grey, Pink, White & Yellow
Rag Flower Clip with or with out center

Cent May Vary
Can be put into a clip or permanently attached to a head band
Can be single or double

Tulle & Lace Flower with or with out center
We are "Diamond" centers & Center May Vary with the decorative ones
Can be put into a clip or permanently attached to a head band
Available in Black, Red & White

Decorative Wipe Case
Comes loaded with wipes

Hooded Towel

Car Seat Cover/Car Seat Tent

Nursing Cover
Picture coming soon!
Nursing covers have a corner pocket & corner burp pad
The neck strap is adjustable.

Receiving Blanket
Example pictures come soon!

Ring Sling
Picture coming soon!
Ring sling has 4 different Carry Positions.
When sling is mailed you also receive an instructions paper on all the holds.

New Product List

Please take a look at the updated Product List (located on the side under "Items") because there have been some changes. Some items are no longer on the list & some new items have been added. The items that are no longer on the list, we can still make but materials are no on hand. Therefore please allow more time on these items.

Also, with all of our products please note that the pictures we show are examples. When placing orders, some slight changes may be made. For example, not the exact fabrics, decorative centers, thicknesses of bands, etc. We will try to keep everything as close as possible though!

We appreciate all the support & if there are any questions let us know.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Patience Please

Please have patience with us as we are redoing the blog. There will be new products posted, new pricing & pictures to come. If you have any questions right now, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for understanding!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Car Seat Covers

We are now selling Car Seat Covers! These are seriously a Mommy Must Have! You never have the hassle of a blanket & no one can touch baby. They are Heaven! These are a great gift also. Even if your baby isn't a newborn, but still in the carrier, they come in handy during those fall & winter months. Keep the wind & cold off your little one.
To order one, please email us & specify what colors you are wanting.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do & as much as all our costumers have!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here are the new products that we are adding to the Sweet P's line!

Yo-Yo Head Bands:

Made with durable fabric & heavy duty thread to assure quality. All Yo-Yo have a decorative center. The Yo-Yo's also run in sizes of Small, Medium, & Large. They are also all atatched to Elastic Lace that has a design through it.
*All Yo-Yo's are pre-made, but can be custom ordered to fit a size preference & color scheme. *

Shown below are 3 LARGE Yo-Yo's

Shown below are 4 SMALL Yo-Yo's (Not attached to head bands or clips)

Yo-Yo Clips:


They are the same as the Yo-Yo Head bands, but attached to a clip instead of head band. They also come in Small, Medium & Large.

Reversable Head Bands:


All the reversable head bands are made with a durable fabric. They are stitched tight on the elastic to ensure its quality. The elastic is a tight quality so that it will fit the head with comfort. They are made with 2 different patterned fabrics that are coordinating in colors. Reversable head bands are pre-made, but can be custom ordered to fit the color scheme you are looking for. They range in sizes from Newborn - 8 years.

Shown below are 2 that have been designed.

Black & white (3-4 yrs).

The other with Blue & Brown (Newborn).

Shown below is the elastic that is used on the bands.

Adding More

Sweet P's will be adding a couple more products! We are excited to annouce that we will continue to sale all of our previous products, but we will also be adding Yo-Yo head bands, Yo-Yo clips & Reversable head bands! They are all so fun!
A HUGE Thank You to all of buyers!!
*(Pricing & Pictures coming soon)*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Exciting News

Sweet P's has been offered a booth at the Newgate Mall in Ogden, Ut. We are excited about this opprotunity & to be able to share our products with more people. Even though we have our booth at Quilted Bear, you can still order through the blog or email! All of our items can be found in our booth, even some special order items. Thanks for all of your support.